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Farm Animal Care

Preventive and general care for barnyard animals.

Farm Animal Services Provided

We offer ambulatory appointments at your farm in the Licking, Knox, and surrounding areas. We provide comprehensive medical and surgical evaluations, diagnostics, and treatment. We offer portable radiography and digital ultrasound. Emergency care is available after normal business hours. An emergency fee for after hour service will apply in addition to the trip charge and treatments rendered. Payment is expected at the time of service.

Our doctors work on multiple species of farm animals including Beef & Dairy Cattle, Show Stock, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Camelids and Poultry. We can help you manage your herd, large or small, with an individualized approach with focus on all aspects of livestock production.

Herd Health Management

We offer consultations on herd health, reproductive management, including breeding advice, herd palpations, artificial insemination, vaccinations, disease management, nutritional consultation, calf management and parasite control.

Development of Management Protocols

Due to the demands of modern day agriculture, veterinary consultation and protocol development has become important to the economics of our larger operations. Our veterinarians are available to design treatment protocols (or plans) to help with the efficiency of your animal operation.

Specialized Reproductive Services

Ultrasounds, embryo transfer services, semen collection for breeding soundness evaluation.


Castration, dehorning, lacerations, displaced abomasums, caesarean section, hernia repair.

Laboratory Services

We offer complete blood work at our office with most results available within 24-48 hours. Our microbiology lab is capable of milk/uterine cultures. We work closely with outside laboratories for NEFA & BHB testing, BVD testing, and necropsy reports. Dr. Rob & Dr. Tim work together with many local nutritionists in problem solving feed related issues.

Regulatory Work

Our veterinarians are accredited in the state of Ohio to perform regulatory work that includes; Johne’s Testing, PRRS testing, Pseudorabies testing, etc., and health certificates for transport, to show or sale, or for export.

Fair/Sale Veterinarian

Our doctors have received advanced training as a fair veterinarian we work many special production sales throughout the year. Our practice is the official veterinarian on-call at both the Knox County Fair and the Hartford Fair.

Drop Ship Program

A new service we are offering our farm clients is a drop ship service. With our drop ship service our clients maintain a credit card on file, e-mail, fax, or call their order into our small animal hospital. The medications are shipped at competitive prices directly to your farm. Restrictions apply.

If you have any questions about our services or you’d like to schedule an appointment for your barnyard pet, please call us at (740) 397-6958.

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