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Equine Care

Wellness care with vaccinations, parasite prevention and more.

We are equipped to offer full ambulatory service on your farm or to your boarding stable. We have a portable DIGITAL radiography machine and portable digital ultrasound machine. We also have power dentistry equipment for the most advanced equine dental care.

**We offer emergency care after normal business hours. An emergency fee for after hour services will apply in addition to the trip charge and treatments required. Payment is expected at the time of service.

Routine Health Care and Nutritional Consultations

We recommend an annual complete physical examination including a dental exam and nutritional evaluation, fecal egg counts, including body condition scoring, hay evaluation, feeding strategies, and mineral supplements.

Reproductive Services

We provide reproductive management including breeding management, ultrasounds on farm with our new advanced digital ultrasound machine, artificial insemination, uterine cultures (in house for quick turnaround), uterine biopsies, and cytology. Neonatal care includes IgG testing and plasma transfusions when there is a failure of passive transfer.

Dental Care

Our practice has invested in equine power dentistry equipment to provide our patients with the most advanced and complete dental care. Our veterinarians have attended advanced training in using this equipment.

Parasite Control

We recommend herd fecal evaluations individual fecal egg counts for parasites annually, routine de-worming and pasture rotation. We can tailor a parasite control plan to your horses’ specific needs and environment.


Vaccines are an important part of preventative health care. We provide a full range of vaccines, which are tailored to individual horses and farms depending on multiple risk factors. Prevention protects your investment!! *Vaccination for West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, Western Equine Encephalitis, Tetanus and Influenza are GUARANTEED through Zoetis’ Immunization Support Guarantee. Ask for details.


Our portable DIGITAL x-ray unit offers on-farm radiographs and evaluation for lameness, pre-purchase exams, or dental evaluations. This allows for instant analysis on farm for initiating a therapy plan to get your horse back to performance quickly! Radiographs also can be sent to a radiologist or specialist if needed for consultation or sent to a referral center via e-mail for quick turnaround on a second opinion.

Digital Ultrasound

Our digital ultrasound allows us to not only perform reproductive evaluations, but also allows us to conduct tendon/soft tissue evaluations during lameness exams.

Hoof/Lameness Consultation & Sports Medicine

We offer consultation with your Farrier or can advise a recommended local Farrier for corrective procedures. Teamwork is key to getting your horse back in the show ring, to the track or on the trail!! Using X-ray, ultrasound within our lameness evaluation, we can help to ensure your equine athlete can perform as needed.
**We can NOW perform Class 4 Laser therapy on farm for a multitude of orthopedic and soft tissue conditions.


We currently perform castrations, laceration repair, growth removals, hernia repairs and more. LASER SURGERY is available ON FARM for procedures where this is warranted!! Laser surgery has proven to decrease pain and bleeding during surgery and in some procedures, shorten healing times.

Medical Care

Other services include treatment for a range of internal medicine anomalies including allergies, moon blindness (Equine Recurrent Uveitis) and other ophthalamic disorders, skin tumors, heaves and other upper respiratory issues, and medical colic.

Complete Bloodwork

We are able to obtain bloodwork results for CBC and Biochemistries the same day as these tests are performed at our hospital, along with thyroid levels (Equine Metabolic Syndrome). Coggins tests and other specialized diagnostics are sent to outside labs but results are typically available in a few days.

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