At Mount Vernon Animal Hospital, it is our goal to offer the most recent and up to date medical and surgical care and laboratory diagnostics to our clients for our patients. Our hospital is full service and employs the following amenities to best serve our patients needs.

Preventive Medicine

Our goal is to help or patients have the longest life with healthy quality. Part of this goal includes educating our clients on proper preventive care. We spend a great deal of time with each client ensuring that they understand why and what “shots” their pet needs. As well an overall parasite control plan is put into action for each individual ensuring that each pets preventive needs are met.

Geriatric Patient Care

We recommend a twice yearly exam for our aging pets to ensure any age related diseases are detected before they affect the pet’s quality of life. Annual bloodwork may be included in that exam to specifically monitor function of internal organs. Also these visits allow us to tailor each special friend’s preventive health care needs to their individual risk factors.

Complete In-House Laboratory

Including LaserCyte CBC, Catalyst 1 Chemistry machine, Abaxis VSPro and UA Analyzer. As well we have a fully equipped parasitological and microbiological lab employing fecal centrifugation techniques and complete in house culture and sensitivity.


In house DIGITAL X-ray machine and automatic processor. Results of your pet’s X-ray will be back within 15-20 minutes.

Digital Ultrasound

Digital Ultrasound machine that includes color flow doppler to be used for cardiac, bladder and complete abdominal imaging. The ultrasound is a non-invasive technique that serves us well in early diagnosis of cancer, stones in the urinary tract, staging early cardiac disease, as well as many other useful purposes. We also can offer early diagnosis of pregnancy between 28-45 days before it can be diagnosed via X-ray; this lets us look @ fetal viability as well if there are concerns.

Soft Tissue and Orthopedic Surgery

We offer a full range of soft tissue surgery ranging from routine spay and neuters to mass removals, bladder surgery, gastrointestinal surgeries, amputations, and caesarian sections, both scheduled and emergency.

WE NOW OFFER LASER SURGERY ON ALL PATIENTS!! This is built in to the standard of practice for each surgery, where warranted. Studies show that Laser Surgery decreases pain and bleeding during surgery and shortens healing time for a lot of procedures. We see dramatic benefit for our feline patients in recovery from declaw surgery when the laser is used!!

Our surgeons provide simple fracture repair techniques using intramedulary pinning and external fixation as well as some plate & screw techniques. We work closely with local referral hospitals, Med Vet Columbus and OSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, to help you attain the best possible care for your pet. Common incidences of referral are cruciate Ligament injuries, advanced care for hip dysplasia and advanced fracture repair that warrants bone plating.

Client Boarding

We offer limited boarding for our clients only. Pets with medical therapies needed or medical conditions being treated take priority in scheduling. All pets are kept in individual cages with bedding provided and given multiple supervised exercise periods in our fenced in backyard. You may bring your pet’s regular diet or they can be fed our hospital diet which is Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach for Cats and Purina EN (gastrointesital) for Dogs. All bedding is provided. All Pets Must Be Current On Vaccinations. Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccination is ideally required given at least 2 weeks prior to the pet’s scheduled stay.