Pet Grooming

Help your pet look and feel great.


Grooming is beneficial in many ways!

Human-animal bonding is an advantage to the grooming process. This bond initiates trust and helps the animal become accustomed to being handled. We strive to make every pet feel calm and comfortable throughout the grooming process and each individual needs to develop a level of comfort.

While being groomed your pet is carefully examined for external parasites, skin issues and ear infections. A grooming environment that is within a veterinary hospital allows for the groomer to bring these health issues to the attention of the veterinarian while your pet is here!

Frequent trimming of the toenails keeps them in good shape and decreases cracking or breakage that can be painful. Anal glands are carefully expressed during each groom thus preventing the unpleasant odors and actions caused by full anal sacs such as “scooting” and expressions on furniture and carpet!

Regular grooming will also keep your pet from becoming too matted. Matted hair is extremely uncomfortable for the pet as it pulls on the skin and can lead to various conditions with the skin that require medical attention. Remember grooming not only makes you pet clean and attractive but helps them feel comfortable and happy!

Our Certified Professional Pet Groomers are excited to provide you and your pet with a comfortable experience with attention to detail in a compassionate and safe environment. Please stop in and say hello to our grooming team: Natasha Johnson and Jessie Smith.


  • Bath: Includes bathing, toenail trim, ear cleaning, brush-out, blow dry, and anal gland expression.
  • Full Service: Includes all bathing services, PLUS pad trimming, sanitary cut, trimming and tidying of feathering, underline, and feet, etc.
  • Shave/Styled Cut: Includes all bathing services, PLUS full body clip or styled (breed specific)cut.
  • Shed-Less Treatment: Includes all bathing services, PLUS a specialized shed-less treatment using the Furiminator and Furminator grooming products. This is recommended every 6 weeks for your problem shedder!


  • Bath: Includes a dry bath (or wet at owner’s request), toenail trim, ear cleaning and brush out.
  • Full Service: Includes all bathing services, PLUS “potty path” trimming and feet trimming.
  • Shave Down “Lion Cut”: Includes all bathing services, PLUS a shave down usually in a “Lion Cut” style.


  • Creative Color
  • Nail Polish
  • Facials
  • Nail Grinding
  • Ear Plucking

Call us at (740) 397-6958 to book your pet’s grooming appointment. You won’t be disappointed, we promise.

Pet Groomers