my dog's nail grew into his pad do I need a vet to treat thisRoutine nail care is important for your dog. One of the reasons for this is because if your dog’s nails are not properly trimmed or filed down, they can begin to grow into the pad on your dog’s paw. This can be painful for the dog. Unfortunately though, life gets in the way, and your dog may not receive the nail care they need.

If you notice your dog limping and see the nail in the paw on inspection, or just happen to see that the dog’s nail has grown into his paw while playing with him, you may wonder how this can be fixed and if you need to go to the vet. Here is some information you need to know.

Do You Have to Go to the Vet for a Nail Growing Into Your Dog’s Paw?

No. If the nail is growing into the paw, you can clip the nail yourself using regular dog nail clippers. Once the nail is clipped, you should be able to gently remove it from the pad yourself. If it won’t budge, use a pair of tweezers to lightly pull up on it. Once it is out of the paw, you can expect to see some light bleeding. Clean the area with warm water and a dog antiseptic rinse. If you don’t have any either water down rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide and dab a small bit on the area. Neosporin can also be used to prevent infection. Clean the area well daily until it heals.

Can a Groomer Help?

If your dog’s nail has grown into his paw, you may consider calling your groomer to trim your dog’s nails. However, it is important to note that most groomers will not trim back nails that have already grown into the paw pad. There is a risk of infection or heavy bleeding and most groomers do not want to be liable for this. You can always ask your groomer if they will, but do not be surprised if they say no.

When Should You Take Your Dog to the Vet for a Nail in the Paw?

If your dog’s nail has grown into the paw pad and you do not feel comfortable removing it yourself, a vet can always help and remove it for you. Additionally, your dog should be brought in if the nail will not remove from the paw once it has been cut, if the area is heavily bleeding after removing the nail, if your dog is still limping or experiencing pain in the affected area a day or so after removal or if the pad is showing signs of infection, such as pus or discoloration.

If your dog’s pad is looking infected or you are unable to get the nail out of his paw, you will want to take him into a vet. If you need a vet in the greater Mount Vernon, Ohio area, Mount Vernon Animal Hospital would love to help you. Give us a call at (740) 397-6958 to set up an appointment for your dog today.